July 11, 2011

New Clothes

One amazing thing about losing weight is the new clothes you get to buy.  Smaller people might take for granted that they can walk into a store and wear the newest fashions.  Most heavier people cannot do this for a variety of reasons: plus size clothing is crazy expensive, most plus size clothing is made for an older market, and most plus size clothing is incredibly unattractive.

Now that I'm getting smaller and more athletic looking better clothing is becoming available to me; not only that but clothing just plain looks better on me these days.

Here is a current 'wish list' of new clothes that I would like to have before I start teaching again in the fall:

::from here::

::from here::

I must have a thing right now for dresses because those are the only things I want to shop for lately.  I love that I can be more fashionable now.  Also, while I have not lost much weight since I hit the bit five-oh, for a variety of reasons including parties, eating more in general, and other things, I know that more weight loss is coming and it is coming before the end of the summer.

Things are looking great right now.

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Sabrina said...

Amen for things looking great:) Enjoy it!