June 1, 2011

Product Review: Road ID Elite

One of the ways I like to make myself feel more like an athlete is by buying myself gear.  New shoes, a fancy sports bra, and in this case: a Road ID Elite.  The Road ID is a bracelet (although you can get it other forms) with your personal information on it in case there is an emergency.

The ID was originally created with endurance athletes in mind.  Endurance athletes can spend hours alone logging their miles in on the roads and trails.  Safety is a primary concern- accidents or a medical emergency make identification a real priority.  The idea behind the ID is that it will speak for you when you cannot.  If someone was hit by a car or worse, how would emergency responders know who she was and who to contact on her behalf?  The ID is supposed to remedy this because most runners and bikers do not carry their wallets or other IDs with them.

The Road ID elite has a "rubberized band with a watch style clasp."  It is designed to be worn in all situations and transition from biking on the road to work or a date. 

Overall I'm a big fan.  The cost is $29.99 for the elite; which is comparable to a medic alert bracelet but unlike a medic alert bracelet, which only alerts responders to a physiological condition like an alergy or high blood pressure, the Road ID provides text with your name, your spouse or parents' phone number, any medical condition, etc.  It is this text that makes the Road ID more valuable than other forms of alert IDs.  It also provides some peace of mind knowing that if anything were to happen someone would call my parents. 

For $19.99 you can buy a Road ID Original that is made of nylon.  I think this would be great for kids to wear but probably not for adults and the style does actually look childish. 

My only complaint is that I found it difficult to size it to my wrist without the help of someone else.  It'd be nice if they came in different sizes.  It totality I think this is a great purchase.

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Jennifer Sullivan said...

Fitting the bracelet to your wrist wasn't all that complicated, it just took time and patience.... and a little blood mixed with sweat on my part - those darn scissors!